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Spring mattress «VERONA» MaNi
Sale -20%
130/140 kg
Spring mattress «VERONA»
₴ 3 720
₴ 4 650
Spring mattress •Model •E• MMTecн
Sale -20%
160 kg
Toper-LUXE MMTecн
Sale -20%
₴ 1 800
₴ 2 250
We create your dreams
The VELAM company is on the threshold of its 30th anniversary. We are proud of our history, how we have overcome this path. We have managed to form a history of leadership, gain consumer recognition, and gain invaluable experience in the healthy sleep industry. The philosophy of continuous movement forward is based on the main values ​​of the company - high quality and environmental friendliness of products, modern technologies, loyalty to the interests of consumers. Today "VELAM" is a large modern one. Only in Ukraine our products are represented by about 500 partners! More than two million compatriots have made their choice in favor of our products. "VELAM" is a socially responsible company that influences the development of the region and the economy of the country, the lives of many people to whom it has provided and continues to provide real assistance. The main slogan of the company "WE CREATE YOUR DREAMS" is the formula of our efforts to improve your life and create general well-being.
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