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We create your dreams
The "VELAM" company is 32 years old. We are proud of our history, how we have overcome this path. We have managed to form a history of leadership, gain consumer recognition, and gain invaluable experience in the healthy sleep industry. The philosophy of continuous movement forward is based on the main values ​​of the company - high quality and environmental friendliness of products, modern technologies, loyalty to the interests of consumers. Today "VELAM" is a large modern one. Only in Ukraine our products are represented by about 500 partners! More than two million compatriots have made their choice in favor of our products. "VELAM" is a socially responsible company that influences the development of the region and the economy of the country, the lives of many people to whom it has provided and continues to provide real assistance. The main slogan of the company "WE CREATE YOUR DREAMS" is the formula of our efforts to improve your life and create general well-being.
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VELAM | Official online store

Welcome to official website of «VELAM»

Company,producer of mattresses and bedroom accessories.

All our bedroom products meet requirements of the regulatory documents; the products are safe for humans and environment.

Brief information on the Company:

  • The Company is 32 years old;
  • Stability and quality are confirmed by the customers testimonials and many awards;
  • «VELAM» Company products were chosen by more than 2 million Ukrainians;
  • It is often that our Company is called «the factory of mattresses», in such manner recognizing its magnitude, high-level technologies and technical equipment;
  • The Company products can be obtained through more than 1000 shops in Ukraine and outside its territory;
  • «VELAM» Company representative establishments are located in the cities as follows: Kiev, Dnepr, Odessa, Kharkov, Lvov, Vinnitsa. Head office and production facilities are located in Nikolaev City;
  • The Company management system is certified to compliance with the international standards as follows: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001;
  • «WE CREATE YOUR DREAMS» - is the main slogan of our Company.

A mattress is - above all, a personal area of repose where you relax and fall into a sleep. Deep and sound sleep enables you to restore the energy expired in the course of the day bestowing you with cheerful mind and high spirits for a whole day ahead.

A mattress reflects you way of living, therefore the consultant considers your wishes as for rigidity, stuffing, weight load and tactile preferences.

These are the main demands defining the comfort level and your expectations.

All appropriate efforts were made to provide you with the fullest information on «VELAM» Company products, including trademarks of 2019–2020 – «MMTech» and «MaNi».

Section «To Buyers» contains the heading of Frequently Asked Questions, where you can find recommendations on choosing mattresses, how to take good care of them, other useful information.

Our Internet-shop:

  • handy to navigate;
  • free from filters capable to complicate you when making choice of a mattress;
  • furnished with convenient option to simultaneously compare several products enabling to specify differing characteristics only;
  • offers its own rating of mattresses represented on website – TOP 10 and TOP 20;
  • enables to leave feedback in the flypage;
  • facilitates to obtain immediate consultation of high quality in off-line mode and purchase an intended directly on the website. We work the length and breadth of Ukraine.

We are open to the customers and partners. We recommend to familiarize yourself with list of shops, where you can purchase a mattress in Ukraine and before making your purchase we strongly encourage you to personally test the product. Regardless of the shop where you make your purchase, the main thing that matters is whether you are happy with the chosen product.

We offer to co-create the maximum comfortable conditions for your repose and sound sleep.