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Spring mattress «MILAN» MANI

Spring mattress «MILAN» MaNi ₴ 3 450
Spring mattress «MILAN» MaNi ₴ 3 450 2
Spring mattress «MILAN» MaNi ₴ 3 450 3
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110 kg
Spring mattress «MILAN» MaNi ₴ 3 450
Spring mattress «MILAN» MaNi ₴ 3 450 2
Spring mattress «MILAN» MaNi ₴ 3 450 3
Spring mattress «MILAN» MANI
₴ 4 311
₴ 3 450
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  • Рermissible load on one sleeping berth (kg) - 110 kg
  • Stiffnes level (1 cushioned-5 hard) - H3
  • Specified basic height [cm.] - 18
  • Оverall height (cm.) - 22
  • Mattress - bilateral softness
  • 1 S - B o x - eurobox
  • 2 Cover - quilted on «Sprut» bulky filler with cotton fibers («Summer» effect), material "Spunbond", fabric – knit
  • 3 Wadding - foam
  • 4 Core - Pocket Spring 5 ZB - with zone of different elasticity
  • 5 S-system stabilization system - DFS (Double Frame System)
  • 6 Cover - quilted on «Sprut» bulky filler with wool fibers («Winter» effect), material "Spunbond", fabric – knit
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Spring mattress «MILAN» MANI

The five-zone “Pocket Spring” unit with self-contained springs (5ZB) is a classic of up-date mattresses. Function of distribution of imposed loading is performed by wadding of the dense synthetic “Spunbond” fabric in combination with unit stabilization system — DFS (Double Frame System). Result of the combination of unit elements is guarantee of stability and durability of the mattress core.

Knitted mattress cover quilted jointly with filler — bulky "SPRUT" fabric (originally formed mixture of polyester fibers and fibers of wool and cotton), with the effect of "Winter-Summer". This breathable filler creates the required heat exchange at any season of the year.

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Technical description:

[ 18 ] — specified basic mattress height (cm.)

( 22 ) — overall mattress height (cm.)

Permissible load on one sleeping berth — 110 kg.

Mattress stiffness level — 3 (1 — cushioned, 5 — hard)

[] 5 [] — number of with different-resistance zones

Product weight (sq.m.) — 10 kg. (±5%)

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Довольна и качеством товаров и работой сервиса. Покупала матрас и наматрасник, все доставили во время, заминок никаких не произошло. Качество на высоте. Все швы идеально ровные, ткань очень приятна по тактильным ощущениям. Матрас удобный и на удивление легкий. Спина после него не болит. Заказывала модель «МИЛАН» по скидке и очень всем рекомендую.


Инна, спасибо за высокую оценку и подробный отзыв! Желаем приятного пользования.