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Working conditions of the online store

General provisions and terminology
1.1. Support for the online store is provided by PTF VELAM, in accordance with the Legislation of Ukraine, including the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights”.


Online Store is a means for the presentation or sale of goods, works or services by completing an electronic transaction.
Electronic transaction - actions of a person aimed at acquiring, changing or terminating civil rights and obligations, carried out using information and telecommunication systems;
Buyer is a person who uses the services of the online store.

Registration is the indication of personal data in a special form, thanks to which the interaction of the online store and the Buyer is carried out. Cart - a list of products that the Buyer plans to purchase. You can make changes in the shopping cart before placing an order. Order - a properly executed Buyer's request, which includes a list of goods selected in the online store catalog, which is an act of making a purchase decision.An invoice is a document sent to the Buyer, which certifies the order accepted by the Internet store, which determines its final cost, and is the basis for payment for the order.

Taking orders

2.1. Order processing and consultations - daily from 8:00 to 17:00. 2.2. An order paid before 22:00 is processed the next business day after payment.

2.3. Execution of the order (delivery) within 7 working days, except Sunday.

Changes (change size, model) can only be made to an unpaid order.

3. Cooperation
3.1 The online store cooperates with a retail buyer.
3.2 The online store does not accept and does not deliver orders from business entities that are registered in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, not controlled by Ukraine and have not carried out the corresponding re-registration of the new location in the territories controlled by Ukraine.