We have put together for you an amazing collection of sensations that our mattresses give.

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VELAM products are represented in Ukraine by three brands
ELAM,MaNi and MMTecн

  • The main difference of the VELAM Trademark is the absence of foam (PPU). Instead of foam, non-woven fillers are used, which are produced using modern technologies. TM VELAM mattresses are presented in three price categories - Standard, Lux and Premium, as well as two thematic ones - Baby and Expoline.
  • The products of TM MaNi (MANIFATTURA DI MATERASSI) have an excellent price-quality ratio. This advantage is formulated in the MaNi slogan - Sweet dreams for everyone! For a reasonable price, you purchase a quality product created by professionals in their field.
  • Mattresses of the MMTech trademark (Modern Mattresses Technologies) are for advanced users who are looking for something special, from the appearance of the product to high-quality components, modern technologies, and most importantly - special comfort.

Now you just have to choose a product on which you can fully relax, and we have tried to ensure that the mattress will serve you faithfully for many years.


Choosing a pillow is just as important as choosing a mattress. Its task is not only to relax the muscles of the cervical spine, but also to maintain the correct position of the head in order to ensure the correct position of the body as a whole. When choosing a pillow, it is worth remembering that the head should not be in an inclined position. The Pillow should not be very rigid and easily repeat the anatomy of not only the neck but also your face.

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Everyone knows the function of mattress covers - protection of the mattress from contamination. But that's not all. Mattress topper, can resuscitate an old mattress; help out if necessary as a bed and give the mattress a stylish look. The higher the height of the mattress, the more functional it is.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our collection of mattress covers

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Blankets are a special bed accessory. The VELAM collection contains blankets for every taste.

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