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"VELAM" today
"VELAM" today

Production-trading company VELAM was established in 1991.

At present time VELAM is one of the largest producers of mattresses and non-woven materials in Ukraine.

The main factors of the Company leadership in the market are: high quality, ecological compatibility, modern technologies, good reputation, many years’ experience, social responsibility.

Integrated management system (IMS).


Since 2004 the Integrated Management System has been operating in the VELAM company.

Over the past period, the system has repeatedly passed internal and external audits, its compliance with the requirements of international standards is confirmed by official certificates.

In October 2016, management reaffirmed the relevance of the process improvement objectives and intends to continue to demonstrate the company's ability to produce and deliver consistently high quality products that meet customer (consumer) and current legal and regulatory requirements.

In January 2022, management reiterated its continued process improvement objectives and is committed to continuing to demonstrate the company's ability to produce and deliver consistently high quality products that meet customer and applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Confirmation of compliance of the company's Integrated Management System with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 - task 2023


Production and trading company "VELAM"

"VELAM" is a modern production and trading company, the activity of which is related to the production of household goods (mattresses and accessories) and production and technical products (non-woven materials). In conditions of military aggression, the company's goods are delivered to regions of the country that are not in extreme danger of occupation, to countries that do not cooperate with the aggressor.

The main goal of VELAM's activity in the conditions of military aggression is to maintain the position of the leader in the industry and the sale of goods, maintaining relations with European partners; compliance with the requirements of legislation in all spheres of activity of an industrial enterpris.

The company's mission: To make the world a better place
Company vision: To be a leader
Company slogan: We create your dreams

Quality determined by technical documentation and the consumer, product and labor safety, social responsibility, regulated level of production processes, compliance with legislative requirements for the environment are the fundamental obligations of the company in the implementation of activity processes.
The policy of the integrated management system corresponds to the purpose of the company's activity, its context and is the basis for setting goals in the field of quality, occupational health and safety, social responsibility, and environmental management.
Constant updating and implementation of the Integrated Management System Policy requires compliance with the appropriate level of management systems.

VTF "VELAM" undertakes:
• Comply with the requirements required to maintain compliance;
• constantly improve the systems of: quality management, occupational health and safety, personnel management, environmental management;
• to provide information about the Policy of VTF "VELAM" to all interested parties, including company personnel, through printed information in divisions and information on the company's corporate website.

In the field of QUALITY
• constantly improve products and technological processes, based on the study of consumer evaluations and product market trends;
• improve product quality management processes by improving:
• communications with relevant stakeholders;
• measures for process monitoring and quality control of all components of the QMS;
• qualification and professionalism of employees;
• demonstrate to society commitment to voluntary confirmation of the quality of goods by expert organizations.

• fulfill the obligations of the Collective Agreement;
• to take part in the support programs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in charitable projects of assistance to socially vulnerable sections of the population;
• fulfill obligations to comply with the initiatives of the UN Global Compact.

In the field of health and safety at work
• ensure the necessary level of labor safety to prevent industrial injuries and damage to health;
• exclude dangers and reduce the impact of risks, due to organizational and technical measures;
• hold consultations with personnel, involve workers in discussing occupational safety and health issues;


• to ensure that the company's activities do not have a negative impact on the environment;
• carry out the necessary measures to comply with and reduce the volume of pollutant emissions into the atmospheric air, the volume of production waste; energy and resource saving measures;
• constantly maintain the level of knowledge of employees on issues of environmental protection.


General Director V.L. Belov

«VELAM» Company. Following principles of Global Compact of United Nations Organization
«VELAM» Company. Following principles of Global Compact of United Nations Organization

In 2007 «VELAM» Company has declared on its adhesion to initiatives of Global Compact of United Nations Organization and continues to adhere to the declared principles.

Ten principles of Global Compact of UNO supported by «VELAM» Company:

Human rights

Principle № 1: Business community shall support and esteem the approach stipulating protection of international human rights in the field of their influence.
Principle № 2: Business community shall not be accessorial to the human rights violation.

Labour relations

Principle № 3: Business community shall support freedom of association and effective recognition of right to a collective agreement.
Principle № 4: Business community shall support abolition of any form of forced and obligatory labour.
Principle № 5: Business community shall support effective abolition of child labour.
Principle № 6: Business community shall support abolition of discrimination when employing labour and in professional activity.


Principle № 7: Business community shall support circumspective approach to environmental matters.
Principle № 8: Business community shall undertake initiatives on supporting increase of environmental responsibility.
Principle № 9: Business community shall promote development and spread of environmentally benign technologies.

Fight against corruption

Principle № 10: Business community shall fight against any form of corruption including blackmail and bribery.

Author: N.I.Troshina, deputy director of IMS on personnel management and social responsibility system.