"VELAM" today
"VELAM" today

Production-trading company VELAM was established in 1991.

At present time VELAM is one of the largest producers of mattresses and non-woven materials in Ukraine.

The main factors of the Company leadership in the market are: high quality, ecological compatibility, modern technologies, good reputation, many years’ experience, social responsibility.

Integrated management system (IMS) which meets requirements of the following international standards:
ISO 9001 , ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 is implemented at the Company.



Since 2004 the Integrated Management System has been operating in the VELAM company.

Over the past period, the system has repeatedly passed internal and external audits, its compliance with the requirements of international standards is confirmed by official certificates.

In October 2016, management reaffirmed the relevance of the process improvement objectives and intends to continue to demonstrate the company's ability to produce and deliver consistently high quality products that meet customer (consumer) and current legal and regulatory requirements.

ISO 9001:2015 (quality management system )
ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management system) and
ISO 45001:2018 (labour safety and production safety management system).


Quality policy of Production-trading Company «VELAM»

High and invariable quality of the products is considered as the basis required to better the economic status and development of the Company, personnel, partners, customers and society as a whole.

Environmental policy

Recognizing its social responsibility for influence of production and other activity on the environment, the Company supports the policy principles in the field of environmental safety and environment protection.

Social responsibility policy

«VELAM» Company is one of the leading production enterprises of Ukraine which activity is of significant influence on economy of the region and the country. «VELAM» Company social responsibility policy is based upon main principles of balanced mutual relations of the production enterprise, labour collective, citizens of the country and the world community. 


«VELAM» Company. Following principles of Global Compact of United Nations Organization
«VELAM» Company. Following principles of Global Compact of United Nations Organization

In 2007 «VELAM» Company has declared on its adhesion to initiatives of Global Compact of United Nations Organization and continues to adhere to the declared principles.

Ten principles of Global Compact of UNO supported by «VELAM» Company:

Human rights

Principle № 1: Business community shall support and esteem the approach stipulating protection of international human rights in the field of their influence.
Principle № 2: Business community shall not be accessorial to the human rights violation.

Labour relations

Principle № 3: Business community shall support freedom of association and effective recognition of right to a collective agreement.
Principle № 4: Business community shall support abolition of any form of forced and obligatory labour.
Principle № 5: Business community shall support effective abolition of child labour.
Principle № 6: Business community shall support abolition of discrimination when employing labour and in professional activity.


Principle № 7: Business community shall support circumspective approach to environmental matters.
Principle № 8: Business community shall undertake initiatives on supporting increase of environmental responsibility.
Principle № 9: Business community shall promote development and spread of environmentally benign technologies.

Fight against corruption

Principle № 10: Business community shall fight against any form of corruption including blackmail and bribery.

Author: N.I.Troshina, deputy director of IMS on personnel management and social responsibility system.

Participation of PTF "VELAM" in the XXI All-Ukrainian dictation of national unity

On November 9, 2021, on the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language, the employees of PTF "VELAM" for the first time took part in the most massive action of unity around the native language - writing the All-Ukrainian dictation of national unity. The main goal is to popularize, improve, improve the culture of the Ukrainian language.

The author of the text and the reader of this year's dictation was the famous Ukrainian writer Yuriy Andrukhovych.
The general atmosphere was warm and upbeat. Representatives of various professions wrote live radio dictations in the classroom.
After writing the dictation, an exchange of impressions and emotions took place.